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About Us

It all began over thirty years ago when dear friends of my husband’s family invited my Father in Law up to the lake for a visit and a camping trip. After falling in love with the area, he discovered that there was a little brown cottage for rent on the shores of Lake Opinicon and for the last thirty one years every summer has been spent swimming, fishing and vacationing at this beautiful spot on the Rideau Waterway.
My husband Dan and his sister Josée would wait every summer with such excitement for their vacation at the cottage and have grown up with countless memories playing at the beach, building campfires, learning to fish, to boat and to swim on this lake.

Dan and Josee with their Dad in the early 80's

My first visit to Lake Opinicon was in the summer of 2006 when Dan invited me to come with his family for the week. As soon as we arrived I too fell in love. We spent the week swimming, relaxing, and reading and bless his heart, Dan patiently teaching me how to catch and clean a fish. The week came to an end far too quickly and I was truly sad to leave but was sent off with the promise from his parents that I simply must come back next summer. The following year I was so happy to return and it was during my second summer here that Dan proposed one evening while the sun was going down. Now I have been coming back every summer as Dan’s wife!
In 2010 we passed on the tradition to the new generation when we brought our then 8 month old son to the cottage for the very first time. He had a ball!! It was so special for us to be able to have him play exactly where his Daddy used to play at that age.

After all these years of vacationing at Lake Opinicon I know that it has been a dream of Dan and Josée’s to own a piece of property where they spent their childhood summers. There have been a few occasions where Dan and I would go and look at a cottage for sale that was located in a different town, on a different lake, but nothing ever compares to a place that is held so near and dear to our hearts. We had come to think that owning a little piece of something on Lake Opinicon would be an “Oh that would be nice….one day” type of dream.

In June of 2012 we received a phone call out of the blue from a friend to check the real estate postings in the area. A new one had just been released offering a piece of property with two cottages on Lake Opinicon. We could not believe it! What made it all that much sweeter was the cottage was located only a hop, skip and a jump away from the little brown one we had always stayed at. On the same beach, the same part of the lake, on the same road even! We could never in a million years ask for anything more perfect!

Offers were put in; papers were faxed and faxed and faxed again. It felt like the three of us bent over backwards to try and capture what we thought was an impossible dream. I remember the day we drove down to Elgin to sign the papers to make it official and my heart just burst for my husband and his sister. I could see how much it meant to them to own a little piece of where they have spent their entire lives.

When we found out that there were going to be two cottages on the property we decided to follow what the previous owners were doing. Use one for our personal use and then rent out the other.
So here goes, a new adventure that we're taking on as a family.

We are so thrilled to have a cottage to call our own, a special place on a special lake that we are now sharing with our son. I am so very thrilled that he will be able to grow up in the same place as his Daddy and Auntie.

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